Secure Web Hosting

Virtual Private Server for your website

The start of any great endevour begins with just one step. TBP Industries® is now offering secure Virtual Private Server options for your websites.

All VPS instances come with NGiNX, MySQL, and PHP 7.0 installed. We offer SSH and SFTP access for you to upload your website files. If you need any other software installed, please let us know. All pricing is USD per month

Premium web hosting with custom technical support, hosted using Amazon Web Services with 99% uptime and the latest in Linux security. There will be additional services and options provided in the coming months so stay tuned for more info!

Please be aware that this is a very small operation for now so responses may be slow. Please understand.

Operating Systems


20.04 LTS

Ubuntu 20.04 LTS - Lean, fast, and powerful, Ubuntu Server delivers services reliably, predictably, and economically. It is the perfect base on which to build.



Debian 10 (Buster). Debian is a free operating system, developed by thousands of volunteers from all over the world who collaborate via the Internet.



Derived from BSD, FreeBSD boasts unparalleled security and stability and has been continually developed by a large community for more than 30 years.


8 2004-01

CentOS Linux is a community-supported distribution derived from the sources of Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) that are freely provided to the public and is highly secure.

Hardware Instance Plan

RAM | CPU | Disk Space | Data Transfer

USD per month

Ordering Services

To order services, please send an email with the OS, Plan, and any customizations you want to:

Domain name not included